In Spring 2018, we were up against an H1 forecast that was disproportionately high due to a non-replicable retail event the year before.

We needed to make up the difference without promotions or discounting.


  • Identify where we were under serving:
    • Customers who have opted-out of email
    • Customers who had an affiliation with farm & agriculture
  • Choose products based on sell-through data
    • Focus on products these consumers had an affinity to purchase. Saving large marketing stories for other mailers and experiences.
  • Leverage newly introduced consumer segmentation functionality
    • We had recently bought into a robust customer data platform Custora. Which can predict buying behavior based on look-alike modeling.
  • Choose copy and photography that would align with the chosen consumer.

We identified a direct mail cadence hole leading into the first half of the year. We had a limited budget and high ROAS expectation, but we believed with a smartly planned and executed farm & agriculture campaign, we could make up the deficit. We sent it only customers that had an affinity towards the boots shown, and who were statistically likely to buy again in the next 3 months.

We utilized all available data and leveraged inter-department skill sets to make the mailer a huge success.

  • AOV: $135 (Average for website is $104)
  • ROAS: 503.07% (Average for mailers are 300%)
  • Conversion Rate: 2.07% (Average for mailers 1.34%)









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