I was tasked with launching the Excavator XL boot collection’s direct-to-consumer digital  and print campaign.

I was seeded with what the brand marketing team had designed for wholesale B2B markets. In order to succeed I needed to work with my brand team, web designer, merchandiser, coders, and ad-spend marketing specialist to improve upon and execute within the our DTC market.


  • The Excavator XL is a heavy industrial boot. This is a premium product that only about 12% of purchases fall into a similar category. This is an Elite, tempo-setting product.
  • Monetary restraints: In other brands in the portfolio, it is customary for big sell-in campaigns like this to be backed my significant marketing dollars for ad spend, coding, and development. We had no incremental spend budgeted to support it.
  • Avoiding Confusion: For its 60-Day Comfort Guarantee the wholesale consumers have to register on our site for it, but Excavators bought directly from our site are automatically entered, and do not need to register.


  • Establish customer journey via points of entry
  • Create go-to-market strategy for the launch. Via segmentation, establishing who may be shielded from parts of the campaign, and who would to intensify the experience.
  • Write creative briefs for every asset: homepage, galleries, product pages, social prospecting, in-home mailers, and specialized landing pages.
  • Confirm and advice on photography creation
  • Work in depth with coding development and social marketing teams to execute.

Since its launch it has beat its forecast and is our best-selling composite toe. It drove the composite toe category’s 18% revenue increase to LY.


  • POP Installments
  • Co-op marketing spend with key retailers
  • Customer Service training
  • Sell-through training for key retailers
  • Sale reps sell-in support (buyer’s guide, informational sheet, giveaways)


Social Prospecting Ads




Web Experience:




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